List of Syrian activists killed, wounded, detained on day of martyrs


All 4 Syria activists website published the names of of the protesters that were killed , wounded and detained during Friday April 1 “day of martyrs “


Ibrahim Mobayidth

Naim al Mukaddam

Ahmed Ragab

Fouad Balli

Mohamed Alaya

wounded detainees :

Adnan Wehbe

Imad Eddin Albiswani

Fares al Nakhal

Muhyiddin Khoshan

Ali Wehbe

Ammar Tinawi

Hassan Fathallah

Douma detainees today:

Adnan Taha

Hassan Monem

Tariq Flitani

Mohammed Flitani

Tamam al Amr

Detainees in the Rifai Mosque Kafarsouseh:

Ratib al Mouayed 21 years old

Abdullah al Aseel 21

Suhaib Mohamed Amar,

Mohammed Maan Sharabajee 41 years old

Abdul Rahim Alian

Mohammed Odeh

Anas Jabban

Killed in Daraa

Diaa al Shammari



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