Assad issues a decree calling for increasing salaries


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday issued Legislative Decree No. 44 for 30/3/2011, which amends the first article of Legislative Decree No. 40 for 24/3/2011 on increasing monthly salaries and wages and adding an article for Syrian workers in Syrian embassies and delegations abroad.

Caretaker Minister of Finance at the Mohammad al-Hussein said that Decree No. 44 clarifies the basis for calculating salaries of state workers, and that according to these amendments there are no longer two salary classes, one below SYP 10,000 and one above, but rather one class of salary and two salary increases.

According to the amendment, all workers will receive a 30% increase up to the first SYP 10,000 of their salaries, and 20% increase for any amount above SYP10,000. Decree No. 44 also includes an SYP 1,000 increase to salaries from SYP 8,499 and above, in addition to resolving the issue of problems of salaries ranging between 8,500 and 9,330.

Al-Hussein noted that the Decree adds an article stipulating for raising the salaries of Syrian workers in Syrian embassies and delegations abroad by 25%.

He also added that integrating the heating and price modification compensations into salaries raised the minimum wage which will increase retirement pensions and benefits.

The Decree will be put into effect as of 1/4/2011 according to SANA

Assad failed to deliver on the promises made over reforms and instead focused on conspiracy theories and blamed the wave of protests on “conspirators” whom he accused of trying to destroy the country by sowing sectarian strife. Zawya



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