Kidnappers of Estonians identified, report


Future News television reported on Tuesday that security forces identified a gang of three Lebanese and two Syrians led by Darweesh Khanjar is behind last week’s kidnapping of seven Estonians.

“We know who is behind the kidnapping, we have identified them and an operation is underway to arrest them,” the security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said adding the gang is now in a confined area.

He said the raid, which began overnight, was taking place in the towns of Jeb Jennine, Majdal Balhis, Majdal Anjar, and al-Sweiry on the Bekaa region.

The source added that the gang may be involved in the Sunday bombing of the church in Zahle.

AFP cited a source as saying that Khanjar is a Lebanese fugitive who runs “a gang involved in criminal and smuggling activities.”

The Internal security reportedly arrested 3 people during the past 48 hours that provided key information on the kidnappers

Seven European citizens were kidnapped near the Bekaa city of Zahle on Wednesday after they had entered Lebanon from Syria on their bikes.

An explosive device detonated outside the door of a Church in the Zahle industrial city early Sunday morning.