Freedom seeking Syrian spell out opposition demands


I would be very grateful if you could publish the below on your website. I am a Syrian who might speak on behalf of many Syrians who share my thoughts about the situation in the country. Your website seems that it’s the voice of the people who have been muted by the fascist regime for over 40 years.

A Syrian who seeks freedom

What do we want? Here are our demands:

Democracy, freedom, reforms, dignity, respect, end of fear, new constitution and the lifting of the so called emergency law. We want elimination of the following: Corruption, nepotism, sectarianism, secret police and “Mukhabarat” establishments, and to replace the latter with one National Security agency that doesn’t intervene in people’s lives and opinions in any manner and is not be run by a single sect.

In addition, we wish an end of bureaucracy, an end of monopolising power and economy and a trial for all the people who stole the money and resources from the people of Syria (like president Bashar al Assad’s first cousin Rami) Makhloof and many others), an end of one party rule, end of the “republican monarchy phenomenon” so after democratic elections, no president can rule the country for more than 8 years. Freedom of media and speech, investing in development and fighting unemployment, changing the dull stupid education system and curriculum (schools and universities), freedom of women and changing the judicial system to adhere to human rights criteria.

We need education about the importance of the environment and wild life and how to protect them, and to allow charity organisations to take part in restoring what was destroyed by negligence of the present and previous governments. And finally, we need accountability of all people who breach the law, including the president himself.

We live only once in this world and as human beings, we have the rights to live in dignity and enjoy our lives and let others enjoy theirs. Is this too much Mr Bashar Assad? Or only you, your family and your followers can enjoy life since you are the owner of this ‘farm’ called Syria and we are only the “sheep and cattle” in your family big farm?