Syrian government addresses killing of demonstrators


Syrian authorities are intending to take legal actions against those who were behind the killing of demonstrators calling for political freedoms in the gravest unrest in years that swept this Mediterranean country over the past days.

“The Syrian government is willing to open a transparent investigation to punish those responsible for the demolition and killing of victims during a gathering in Deraa on Friday,” Syrian Al-Ikhbarya TV said on Saturday.

The official TV said the authorities are going to “chastise those who were in charge before the assailants who were pushed by foreign sides.” No further explanation was given.

One eye witness, speaking on condition his name would not be used, said that funerals for two people were taken earlier in the day with no violent incidents at all. Human rights activists said on Friday that Syrian security forces used water cannons, batons and gunfire to disperse hundreds of protesters in thecity of Deraa, killing at least six people and injuring dozens.


Photo:  A cartoon depicting  Syrian president Bashar al Assad as Hitler.  The caption reads: ‘15 March 2011. Free Syria. 48 years of injustice and dictatorship.’