SKeyes condemns threats against New TV reporter, other journalists


Samir Kassir Eyes (SKeyes) Foundation condemned in a statement issued on Thursday the threats and insults against New TV’s reporter Ibrahim Al-Desouki.

SKeyes also condemned direct and indirect threats against journalists and added that such threats aim to deprive journalists of their right to express themselves.

Samir Kassir was a Lebanese professor of history at Saint-Joseph University and journalist.

He was a strong advocate of freedom for the Palestinians, democracy in Lebanon and Syria and a vocal critic of the Syrian presence in Lebanon. He was assassinated on 2 June 2005 and his murderers remain unknown. Kassir was a keen advocate of secular democracy in the Middle East.

Samir Kassir’s Eyes, a regional press freedom watchdog, was launched in Beirut, Lebanon on 16 June, 2008. The organization operates in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Palestine .

“Our goal is to put in place an independent Arab organization that will defend and ensure the rights of journalists in the region,” said journalist and writer Elias Khoury (following the establishment of the foundation ), who was a friend of Samir Kassir and is a member of the Foundation, which created SK Eyes.