MP Sakr: Time to change Lebanon speaker


Lebanon First parliamentary bloc MP Okab Sakr told Future News TV on Thursday evening :

“ [Lebanon Speaker Nabih] Berri is one of the symbols of power who has exceeded the term of the Arab rulers, which makes the [parliamentary] administration flabby,”

Lebanon has had various premiers and presidents since 1992 but there has not been any change in the parliamentary speakership since then, Sakr said

“Speaker Nabih Berri has monopolized this seat and MPs either pledge allegiance to him or wait to pledge. This has made him a king,” he said.

“It is also notable that Berri has headed the Amal Movement for 35 years,which is longer than Hosni Mubarak was president of Egypt, than the rule of the house of Assad in Syria, and the rule of Prince Hamad bin Khalifah in Qatar.” Now Lebanon