Egyptian killers of Lebanese singer escaped prison, report


MTV reported that reports from Egypt revealed that Hisham Talaat and Mohsen al-Sukkary, who were charged in the murder of Lebanese singer Susanne Tamim, have escaped from prison in Egypt.

Talaat was sentenced for 15 years for being behind the murder of Tamim.

Talaat was convicted of paying Sukkary a former policeman $2 million to kill his ex-girlfriend, 30-year-old singer Suzanne Tamim, in July 2008. The two men were first sentenced to death, but an appeals court ordered a new trial, citing incorrect legal procedures and insufficient evidence.

Talaat has close ties to the centers of power. He is a member of parliament and a senior ruling party figure. The allegations against him shocked Egyptians unused to seeing powerful politicians taken to court.

Prosecutors at the murder trial last May said that when Tamim spurned Talaat’s offer of marriage, he plotted to kill her.



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