One Frenchman killed in a Lebanon avalanche


A French man was killed in an avalanche on Lebanon’s highest mountain peak on Friday while 10 other skiers escaped unharmed, officials and an eyewitness said.

The French embassy confirmed to AFP that one of its citizens had been killed in an accident in Qornet al-Sawda, which overlooks the Cedars of north Lebanon and the eastern Bekaa Valley.

A Lebanese Red Cross official said that seven skiers had made their way down to the village of Ainata in the eastern Bekaa Valley.

The Red Cross was in contact with three others who were also on their way to Ainata, the official told AFP, adding that there were no serious injuries.

An eyewitness who had been skiing nearby told an AFP correspondent in Ainata that a group of skiers were making their way down the mountain when one was swept away by an avalanche.

Qornet al-Sawda is the country’s highest peak at more than 3,000 metres (9,842 feet) above sea level.




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