Future Movement stresses its commitment to coexistence in Lebanon


The Future Movement issued a statement on Tuesday calling on its supporters to refrain from sectarian statements that contradicts the principles of coexistence in Lebanon

The Movement emphasized its commitment to coexistence in Lebanon.

It noted that certain statements made by Lebanese journalist Mohammad Salam in Tripoli’s Tuesday protest—slamming Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Iran in the name of the Sunnis, do not represent the political convictions of the Future Movement.

In a related development Future Movement MP Okab Sakr, who is a Muslim Shiite told New TV: What happened today is more serious than what happened when the Shiite ministers resigned in 2006 because then those that resigned belonged to a political group, but today one group is trying to isolate an entire sect. In reference to Hezbollah’s undermining of the Sunni leadership, since MP Saad Hariri is reportedly the most popular Sunni leader

Protests continue to rock Lebanon. Thousands of angry protesters burned tires and blocked roads across Lebanon on Tuesday after Iranian and Syrian-backed Hezbollah secured the appointment of its candidate to lead the next government.

The protests were part of a “day of anger” called by supporters of Hariri to protest against Hezbollah which is funded and supported by Tehran.