Clinton: Decisions should be made by the Lebanese people


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters on Thursday: “The United States stands ready to help Lebanon out of its ongoing political impasse, but it is ultimately up to Beirut to resolve the crisis.”

In response to a question about international mediation efforts following the collapse of Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s government, Clinton said: “We stand ready, as do many others in the region and beyond, to be of assistance,” Clinton said.

But she added, “any decision will have to be made by the Lebanese people.”

In response to a question about the UN-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) indictment that was issued on Monday Clinton said:

“We strongly support the ongoing work of the tribunal and believe that it is in the long-term interest of Lebanon to end impunity for political killing. ”

According to political observers, many in the March 14 alliance are unhappy with the level of US support ..while Iran is funding and arming Hezbollah to the teeth, the US offers words but no action…. The observers believe if the US wants to really help its Lebanese friends it should pressure Israel to pull out of the occupied Lebanese territories …Shebaa and Kfar Shouba then Hezbollah cannot have any more excuses to carry arms and intimidate the Lebanese people . One observer told Ya Libnan…”The Lebanese want action and are tired of the talk and promises they have been hearing ….talk is cheap he said’.

The observer added : Clinton’s statement that any decision will have to be made by the Lebanese people is nonsense…the decisions are not being made by the Lebanese people …the decisions are being made by the guns and their suppliers in Iran and Syria .