Lebanon PM: They want to kick Saad Hariri out of political life


In an address to the Lebanese people Caretaker Prime Minsiter Saad Hariri said he decided to maintain his candidacy for  premiership and accused the Iranian backed Hezbollah led opposition of trying to kick him out of political life .

He said he made one sacrifice after another but the opposition always wanted more and “unfortunately the Saudi Syrian efforts failed ”

He told the Lebanese people “One drop of blood of Lebanese citizens is more precious than anything else.

He said : “For this reason we decided not to take to the streets…. because we are committed to the constitution and added :”Taking to the streets is not a nationalistic rhetoric.”

He said he made the decision six years ago with his family to enter politics in order to pursue (former Lebanese PM ) Rafik Hariri’s path, and to uncover the truth behind the assassinations of Lebanese political figures. He added this did not happen if there was no terrorist crime that killed his father and his companions.

He added: “Preserving Rafik Hariri’s political heritage and committing to the truth is a way to achieve justice in Lebanon. I vowed I will not give up on this.”

“Today, we’re at a crossroads.” He said and added: We, the leaders of Lebanon, hold the destiny of Lebanon.

“I am entitled to address all the Lebanese to say that we have reached the level of martyrdom. I decided to commit to a compromise in order to preserve coexistence. But once again, March 8 re-informs Qatari and Turkish officials that they are against renaming Saad Hariri for premiership.”

He added: I have announced that the dignity of my family and people is more precious than anything , because based on how I have been raised, it will drive me to be more committed.

He said he will take part in the consultations for premiership nominations that will be held by President Michel Suleiman next Monday, and he will commit to his candidacy as prime minister.

He said he is faced with confrontations due to his position in politics, similar to the circumstances faced by his  father.

He said

“We belong to a national school, called ‘The Rafik Hariri School,’ which chose to follow the path of truth and justice ” and added: They managed to kill Rafik Hariri , but they were not able to kill coexistence.

He said :” Strife is not the price of achieving justice and truth behind the Rafik Hariri murder , and added:” We did not make all these sacrifices and support economic development in order to submit to strife.

Hariri said : “Our political system does not and will not mean anything if we deliver a future of turmoil to our children, ” and added : The priorities of the people will remain our primary concern

Hariri stressed: Oppression will not prevent me from pursuing the path.

Hariri   concluded his speech by saying”: Long live Lebanon and its people . Now Lebanon