Sakr: Hariri will not return to a government of obstruction and barricades


MP Okab Sakr, a key member of march 14 alliance told New TV on Friday that Prime Minister Saad Hariri has his own conditions for becoming the country’s next premier.

Sakr revealed that March 14 forces will not engage in a government that is not headed by Saad Hariri, provided he will accept the nomination .

Sakr stressed that the Hezbollah -led March 8 coalition has to think about what Hariri wants and not and not to impose on him …”It is up to Hariri to decide “, he said

Sakr stressed that Hariri will not return to government obstruction and barricades, noting that the March 8 forces has reneged on the Doha accord

“Efforts cannot end and solutions could be found if there is a sincere Lebanese intent to find a solution,” Sakr said, adding that Saudi Arabia continues with its efforts to work out a solution to the current political impasse.