Phalange: The situation in the country is dangerous


The Phalange Party politburo issued a statement on Monday in which it expressed its satisfaction with the international community’s support and commitment to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) and its rejections of any concessions on it.

The statement added “the local reports on the possibility of abolishing the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) in exchange for allowing the cabinet to function are “desperate attempts to escape the course of justice.”

“The situation in the country is dangerous…. Some parties are looking for an opportunity to destabilize Lebanon ,” the statement said.

The party stressed the role of the Lebanese state in achieving justice “because the state is responsible for stability.”

Commenting on the the draft bill of labor minister Boutros Harb , the statement said:

” legal measures should be taken to contain the sale of Christian real estate in Lebanon” adding “Christian religious bodies should also take measures to help the Christians keep their properties.”

Harb presented to the cabinet a proposal to ban the sale of land between various Lebanese sects for 15 years.