March 14: Hezbollah is trying to change the face of Lebanon


Hezbollah is trying to change the face of Lebanon according to March 14 sources . The sources told Al Anbaa that the sale of land by Christians to Hezbollah is a well organized affair and opposition by Jumblatt to Harb’s draft bill is nothing more than overbidding to appease Hezbollah .

Lebanon Labor Minister Butros Harb defended on Friday his draft bill that calls for banning the sale of land between various Lebanese sects for 15 years.

Harb said : “Those who oppose the bill without providing an alternative have a hand in the displacement of Christians,” in a possible reference to MP Walid Jumblatt who described the bill as” insane” .

March 14 source of Christian leadership told al Anbaa that” Christians are obsessed with the Hezbollah project and for this reason this issue can not be dealt with lightly whether in positive or negative manner but at the same time we should guard against and Christian Muslim division.”

According to the source the problem is not new ….for many years , Lebanon has been witnessing massive sales of property by Christians to individuals and companies representing people of other faith ( read Shiites) and this is the reason behind the draft bill of Minister Harb.

The source added that the issue would not have arisen had the sales been natural and not organized as they seem to be today , but raising the issue publicly is better than dealing with it quietly and away from the lime.The sources added that the procurement of properties by Hezbollah on such a massive scale is aimed at changing the face of Lebanon and to increase Iran’s influence in the country.

The source said that the criticism of Jumblatt of the draft war is nothing more than overbidding to appease Hezbollah since the sale of land is a Druse obsession before it became Christian citing Choueifat and Keyfoun as examples of organized buying of huge areas of Druse properties by Hezbollah