Senior Syrian official arrested over spying for Israel, report


Israeli newspapers reported that Syria recently arrested a senior official on suspicion of handing over information to an “Egyptian spy” who allegedly worked in the service of Mossad.

The report was based on the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi Friday report.

In addition, the members of three espionage networks in Syria and Lebanon were detained on suspicion of aiding the Egyptian suspect, Tarek Abdel Razek.

According to the report, the Syrian official was arrested as result of intelligence cooperation between Cairo and Damascus, with Egypt providing Syrian with evidence showing that the senior suspect handed over to Razek information that “endangers Syrian national security.”

Egyptian security officials reportedly claimed that Abdel Razek confessed to traveling to Syria, where he received a dossier pertaining to Syrian national security from the senior official. Razek also allegedly admitted that his two Israeli handlers asked him to enter Syria under an assumed name on several occasions while declaring that he was on a business trip and wanted to import Syrian goods.

Egyptian newspaper al-Masry al-Youm reported that the actual objective of the trips to Syria was to transfer large amounts of money and place them in a Syrian safe.

Another paper, a-Shuruq, reported that the Egyptian suspect gave interrogators copies of reports he supposedly handed over to Mossad via a Syrian chemistry expert, who worked in an agency associated with Damascus’ nuclear program. The Syrian reportedly worked for Mossad for some 13 years and was executed several months ago.



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