Egyptian embassy calls Sayyed’s statements unfounded


Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon Ahmed Badawi dismissed in a statement the accusations made by the former General Security chief Jamil Sayyed and said the embassy was “surprised” by Sayyed’s comments that included “unfounded” claims, along with “incitement against diplomats working in the embassy.”

“The Egyptian Embassy considers Sayyed’s recent statement included baseless claims and incitements against embassy employees,” Badawi told the Egyptian al-Ahram newspaper.

His comment comes after Sayyed , urged the Egyptian administration during his Sunday news conference to withdraw diplomat Ahmad Hilmi from Lebanon, because “he worked on instigating strife”

The Egyptian Embassy in Lebanon on Monday stressed in its statement: “Egyptian diplomats meet Lebanese officials of different political views within their legal and legitimate work on Lebanese territory.”

“Major General Sayyed’s false claims are unacceptable, illegal, and immoral incitement against embassy diplomats and it holds him completely legally responsible for any attack against any embassy employee,” the statement added.