A protester against Quran burning plan killed in Afghanistan


A protester against a US pastor’s plans to burn copies of the Qur’an is reported to have been shot dead in northern Afghanistan after crowds attacked a Nato base.

The man was killed in Faizabad, the capital of Badakhshan, a provincial government spokesman said. It happened when thousands of worshippers poured onto the streets after Eid prayers had been held in nearby mosques.

The crowd was estimated at around 10,000 people. Some had hurled stones at a Nato base run by Germans, and the protester was shot when troops inside opened fire, Amin Sohail said.

The Nato-led International Security Assistance Force in Kabul said it was aware of the protests and was investigating.

Demonstrations against the desecration of Islam’s holy book prompted threats of attacks on US bases elsewhere in Afghanistan. Protests were held in Kabul and near the Pakistan border.

“If they do this, we will attack American bases and close the highway used by convoys supplying American troops,” a cleric called Zahidullah told the Reuters news agency.

In London thousands of people gathered at the Ahmadiyya Muslim mosque, in Morden, to hear Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the world head of the community, denounce the US pastor.

“Religious extremism, be it Christian extremism, Muslim extremism, or any other kind is never a true reflection of the religion,” he said.

“A number of churches have condemned this act. There is nothing wrong with intellectual or theological debate, but this should be conducted within the bounds of decency and tolerance. Instead, what we are seeing is hatred being spread.”

Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who threatened to burn copies of the Qur’an on the anniversary of 9/11, has “suspended” the event amid conflicting claims over a deal involving a planned Islamic centre near the site of the 2001 attacks on New York.

The extremist preacher first said he had cancelled the book-burning after condemnation by Barack Obama, the Pentagon, the state department in the US and outrage around the world.

Jones then said the event was only on hold, claiming he had been “lied to” over a deal to call it off in exchange for a promise to move the Islamic centre away from Ground Zero.

Matt Sky holds up a sign during a press conference to announce a rally for solidarity and unity against islamophobia and racism over the demonstrations against the proposed Muslim Center on Park Place near the World Trade Center site.

Speaking outside his Dove World Outreach Centre church in Gainesville, Jones said: “As of right now, we are not cancelling the event, but we are suspending it.”

The confusion over whether the burning would take place has done little to quell the global outrage.

The Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, said he hoped Jones would not proceed. “The Qur’an is in the hearts and minds of all … Muslims, but the affront against the holy book is a humiliation to the people,” Karzai told reporters at his palace after prayers.

“We are hopeful that he gives up this affront and should not even think about it.”

The president of Indonesia, which has the world’s largest Muslim population, called on the US to ensure that no burnings took place.

“I continue to urge the government and the people of the United States to ensure the prevention of such an incomprehensible, irrational and immoral act,” Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said. Guardian



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  1. I hope you’re happy Terry Jones. All the dead resulting from your stupidity is on your conscience.

    For those demonstrators and activists on the other camp WHY don’t you see the good side of the people. Look at the picture above held by Matt Sky what does it say?


    That is the opinion of the majority of Americans so don’t go spread hatred back.

    1. Because Terry Jones is a evangelist who worships the devil by creating hate.

    2. moustapha Avatar




      1. Mustapha, Relax buddy.Not worth yelling.lol

  2. I say if the media had kept a tight lip on this whole book burning issue, nobody would have really known about it and that pastor probably wouldnt even do it because it got no attention. The media fans the flames and idiots protest and get shot.

    Bottom line, what did this “martyr” achieve by getting his a$$ shot? NOTHING…..if people begin to ignore radicals like jones, alot less of them would surface with stupid ideas.

    BTW I DONT support putting a mosque near that site because it is insensitive to the victims families and if this jacka$$ imam had any morals he would have never done this but thats what happens when retards have money……..I hope they enjoy all the tension, animosity and vandalism they will get from this.


      1. Yes that’s General Custer in his last stand against the indians(muslims) Lol.

    2. Maria,

      I would have agreed with you if, the mosque didn’t already exist in the same location.

      1. Hello Prophet! Kifak ya allah? Well i have to admit i have burned my school books before and I am ashamed lol. I hated them so much i burned them lol. So how the heck are you man? what’s the plan for the weekend? Its nice and cool here in california i love it. have a great one. You too Maria my friend.

      2. come on prophet, what mosque? This structure thats going up is an entire center and if this imam wanted to garner world support, he would announce that it will be relocated to not offend or cause any animosity, i think that is the most PEACEFUL solution to all this and would show that islam means peace, not provocation.

        Its like telling people we knocked down your buildings, killed your people and now were planting a flag on it as a constant negative reminder.

        Hopefully money talks in this case with trumps larger offer to buy it up and this issue can be put to rest.

      3. Maria,

        As far as I know, the mosque has been at this location for years. The plan is to expand it into a bigger center. Though I don’t have a strong opinion either way, I just feel that the Islam phobia on one hand, and the mishandling of the issue by the imam has added to the debate.

        Ideally any individual or group of people should have the right to practice their faith anywhere they want as long as that does not impinge on the rights of others. I’m not aware of anyone’s rights being impinged. Sensitivity alone isn’t a good reason to move it. By using sensitivity , it means that every Muslim was responsible for 9-11,and that Everyone should feel guilty and pay a price.

        If we’re talking about a new center or mosque being moved to this location, I would agree with you.

        The Mayor has given his unqualified support for the construction of the Islamic center where it is proposed since it meets all the zoning requirements.

        I would not be upset if the project moved to another location, where The Muslim community agrees to. I think the city and the Muslim community, and those who are opposing the project should have a dialogue, and try to find another location where everyone is satisfied.

        But I would be upset if the phobia forced the city to withdraw its approval.

      4. Prophet if they decided to move it all together, could you imagine how much respect and honor that would bring? i think the islamaphobia would diminish and people would look at this move as a huge positive. You cant preach your innocense, peacefulness and tolerance while erecting a structure that a whole country is against, all this will do is bring so much more anger and hatred.

        You are probably going to get offended when i say this but its the truth……..why should the US allow every corner to have a mosque when the country was not built on islamic beliefs, I dont see saudi allowing any churches for its million expats that live there. saudi would lash you for even wearing a cross in public but its fair to cover the west with moons and cresents, i find it quite hypocritical and if people insist on this, then maybe they should go back to their country and enjoy the scenery there. Belgium has started to tighten up on the spreading of islam and I agree with it, I hope the west follows suit because this is getting out of hand. My belief is that if you are not happy with the laws of the land, go back to your country, dont take advantage of freedom to spread repressiveness.

        I am from the shouf and to be honest I would be very upset if there were mosques going up everywhere, I saw this in Aley and was very dissapointed.

        Solution, you have the right to practice whatevr you like, but keep it to yourself and in your home, I dont need to see it, just like i dont need to see a church, synogogue or mosque on every street corner like gas stations and mcdonalds

      5. Maria,

        I think you missed my point.

        This isn’t about respect. It’s a bout freedom, and rights, and about being a good neighbor. If it is moved through a dialogue, where everyone is happy, I would applause everyone .It would be sad to have it moved to appease the phobia.

        It’s sad that a mosque in your area offends you.

        Where I come from , we have a mosque and a two churches, and I’m very proud to look at both less than 200 meters apart. What would I do if my neighbor was offended to have a church in his town? Do I let him close it?

        No one ever said that Lebanon was built to be a Christian or a Muslim county. I just wonder if you advocate partition of Lebanon on religious lines.

        You seem to be either a victim of the phobia or part of it. Either one is very sad.

        Saudi Arabia has its laws, and the USA has its own laws. Instead of urging the Saudis to be more tolerant, you want the usa to be less tolerant. The usa was built on the basis of democracy, freedom, liberty, and separation of state and religion. Had there been a Muslim or Jewish or Buddhist communities, the constitution may have been phrased in such away to reflect the spirit of the separation of state and church into a separation of state from any religious institution.

        Do I understand from your comment that you’d want to close every mosque, synagogue, Buddhist temple, and every non Christian church? Are you singling out mosques? Are you advocating a Christian only USA?

      6. Im not advocating the closing of any religious institutions but Im advocating for the stopping the widespread of them. It was nice back in the day when a town had a little church in a mostly christian area or a mosque in a mainly islamic area but the way they are popping up everywhere like mcdonalds is starting to look like a territorial war and the true religious meaning of them is diminishing because now everybody wants to open up a religious institution because its a tax haven and has nothing to do with a message. Take england for example, they are building the largest mosque in the western world and the radicals there are protesting to practice sharia law, what kind of crap is this? go back to your country and chop your head off there, no need to spread this disease around the world. Religion is a business my friend and has all become about money, territory and gaining followers for donations so they can build empires.

        Why dont they turn this center as an institution for the public, having programs for all religions and practicing tolerance with one another, that would be something ground breaking and would shut everyones mouth. It would be the first of its kind and would break all barriers and promote ultimate peace….. a place for all to gather, learn, tolerate and respect rather than using it as a recruiting center.

        Prophet youre a cool guy in my books so lets be honest here…do you believe anything that comes out of any religious leaders mouth? priest, imam, rabbi etc? do you think ayatolla, pope or any to be saints? I know moslems who watch porn, drink booze, smoke up, have affairs, lie, steal, cheat people and wash it all away with 5 prayers a day, or the priests who preaches and heals people yet lives in a castle and molests boys or the rabbi who preaches to exterminate a people for his better living….I say enough with monstrous religious structures and the charades, if you believe in religion, practice its values and morals, not its rituals, man made interpretations and monetary growth.

      7. moustapha Avatar


        What you are saying actually is offensive since you are singling out a confession over all the others.

        The US is a country made of Migrants and colonialists. The country was based on freedom of ANY RELIGION since the whole country is based on these people from different back grounds that migrated and created a melting pot of success and not by ousting any of them. so why do you frankly as you put it, that you don’t want to see a mosque when walking on the street. What kind of tolerance is that. Whats wrong with having mosques in the open where people can interact and give and take and learn,and have a transparent center that is held accountable for what it preaches. And the donations have to be traceable and and and..

        Saudi is wrong not to let churches be built, and have Christians be open about their religion it is AGAINST every teaching of the PROPHET AND HIS INTERACTIONS WITH CHRISTIANS, JEWS and NON-MUSLIMS.

        The Quran teaches us Muslims to refrain from inciting a group of people with irritation of their on religious practices. But that applies when you are in someone else’s land. WELLLL the thing is these MUSLIMS you are talking about are MORE american then anyone else in America.. their are 7 million American Muslims in America and it is their Land as much as it is any other non Muslim Americans. The numbers of American Muslims surpass that of the Jewish community. FYI.

        By principal, ethical and most importantly by CONSTITUTION.. it’s their every right to build a community center that has a prayer area on the Top floor.

        Muslims did not attack America in September 11.. It was extremists fanatic murderers who have no religion or fear of God.. and so to hear you Maria say i don’t want to see your places of worship while i walk on the street.. you can add might as well all you Muslims out of America whether your american or not. And you can add lets also get rid of all the Muslims in Lebanon.. and you know what lets add lets rid our selves of all the mosques and Muslims in the world about what 1.6 billion people.. why cause you don’t like it seeing a mosque when walking on the street.

        Yes Maria what you says is offensive and YES it is the truth! the truth that your mentality in Lebanon is the one that is the source of our problems.

        If Saudi government are douchbags i don’t see why you want America to follow in their footsteps of becoming douchbags.

        Your statement about Belgium is amazing.. 3anjad you surprise me Maria.

        It is really surprising how much hate in this world there is towards Islam and how these same minds are creating Extremists. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

        In my city in Saida we have over 5 churches and a nun school even though it is dominated muslim city we PROTECT and honor the fact that we can preserve these religious institutions. The rich from our city donated to iy remimo il kanyis ou masi7iyat il diya3 around Saida byishhado from the way we live side by side in OUR towns!

        I’ sure not all people in the SHOUF have your mentality, and I pray that I am not wrong.

        WITH ALL DUE RESPECT..Solution, is you have no write to dictate us muslims our rights, and as you have the right to practice any religion: christianity, judaism, budhism, and any way of life whether it be including aspects of adultery, alcoholism, and immodesty, extreme liberal views and anti-conservative.. then the muslims have the right to practice her/his views freely.


      8. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        Maria, shlounekk??

        Religion is a business my friend and has all become about money, territory and gaining followers for donations so they can build empires.

        ^I agree with that 110%^

      9. moustapha Avatar


        I read your second response to Prophet.

        First of all this structure being built is exactly that what you are talking about a PUBLIC center for INTERFAITH.. but it has a Mosque on the last top floor.

        I don’t see the relation between the muslims who are building the largest mosque in England and a bunch of extremists that are babbling about shariaa law in england. You are forgetting the contributions of all these muslims that they put in to these communities as engineers, dentists, lawyers, doctors, mechanics, you name it.

        Yes there are bad out of them but i can say the same with the British there are soo many of them that are RACIST and Hateful.

        As long as everyone wants to say they are they and we are us and not see muslims as part of the fabric of THEIR society then we will always have new EXTREMISTS appear.

        Maria I apologize if i am misunderstanding your writing/comments.. please clarify and correct me.

        Thanks. Peace.

      10. Leb-Syrian……shlon cava buddy? hows things going? long time no hear……..i guess you get what im saying about this cashcow business called religion, i better start putting in my resumes and hopefully i can get into any religious institute, dont matter what religion, my message will be the same lol

      11. MARIA,

        I’m a proud non religious Muslim.

        I view religion as a very private matter.

        I respect all religions. I do not like organized religious.

        I respect people’s right to be religious, non religious, or atheists, as long as they don’t interfere with other’s rights.

        The problem with most people in Lebanon is that they are more sectarian then religious. The few that are truly religious people are as tolerant as nonreligious people. It’s the ones that have a twisted version of religion and their practice of it that bothers me the most.

        You may not like the fact that religion institutions are popping up everywhere, but you ought to respect their rights to do so.

        That being said, having a church next to a mosque is a blessing to our villages. It’s so symbolic to the harmony we have been wishing our country.

        You ask why they don’t turn this center into public institutions, My Answer is why this center in particular? Isn’t this another attempt, not to let them build it for the purpose intended for? No one is suggesting turning a Jewish center or a catholic church into a public place?

        Let’s not beat around this issue, Maria. Either you respect people’s rights to practice as they wish, or you don’t. We don’t need to find excuses that are not reasonable.

        You and I, have no rights to tell people, how to practice their religion. Your interpretation of religion is for you to follow or ignore, but not to impose on others. We can practice as we wish without interfering with other’s rights, or we decide no to be religion at all. Being a non religious person , I find comfort in the goods that many religious and non religious books offer, without having to do rituals.

      12. Moustapha….kint ra7 foo3 feek 🙂

        I know what youre saying but my message is for all religions and their leaders, stop building this stuff everywhere because it is creating more segregation. Here in canada, whenever a mosque is put up, they always place it in tight residential areas where it doesnt belong, next thing you know all the moslems move there and chase all the people out of that area, what use to be a nice town turns into karachi, with all these halal markets and burkas everywhere. Tell me how chasing communities out is tolerance and understanding? To me it looks like territorial takeovers.

  3. Fadi Abboud Avatar
    Fadi Abboud

    I Don’t support burning the Koran but its freedom of speech-

    People have the right in the USA to burn the Bible or the Torah if they wanted and its still freedom of speech.

    However, I would wonder if burning the Bible or the Torah would cause such acts of violence from those who practice these religions(Christianity and Judaism) all over the world?

    It seems like religion is trying to shut down freedom of speech(as hateful as it may be) through violence and threats of terror and I would prefer freedom of speech over no freedom of speech whether or not i agree with the message as long its not a message that condones violence or threats against anyone.

    1. Moustapha,

      Gandhi once said about a Christianity: Show me a Christian whom is acting like Jesus and I will convert myself.

      Please brother don’t spend to much time on people that see their religion as a culture.

      Religion is not my Culture it is more my spiritual family.

      In my view you are more near my family then some Christian.

      Peace to us all Brother

      1. moustapha Avatar

        Dear Marc,

        I wish Gandhi met you!

        Khayeh Marc, you are a fresh of breath air. Allahy zeed min amtalak. If everyone from all sides had your mentality, Lebanon would be what it should be a role model for all countries. Inshallah it will happen. Inshallah.

        Ameen.. Peace to us all!

    2. moustapha Avatar


      This is a provocation and symbol of racism practiced to intimidate any person that has adopted the content of that text.

      Freedom of speech: I disagree with Islam and would like to point out etc..

      Racism: I disagree with Islam to the point that I want to burn all its teachings.

      Where is the limit set for him to not say i want to burn all Muslims. Is it freedom of speech if they burn all the Qurans in America?

  4. Hello Elias,

    I’m doing well buddy. I do have to work tomorrow, unfortunately. But I’ll enjoy Sunday off. Speaking of Allah, I’ll tell you a funny(very true) story which I had posted here once. There was a man in my town who was very stubborn, tempremental, arrogant, and self righteous, yet harmless man. He was nicknamed ALAH ALTHANI.

    One day, a young man who happened to be the best friend of the man’s son, came to visit. As he enters the front yard of the house, He says Ya Allah ( to let people inside know that someone is coming in). The Son answered from inside: you can come in ,Allah is not here now.

    1. Lol Allah is not here and he’s suppose to be everywhere. Well we might go to the beach tomorrow depending on the weather. But it will be nice to go anyway. its getting much cooler here but i love it. have a great weekend anyway.

      1. Hi Elias, long time, glad to hear youre enjoying the weather, take care friend!

  5. Thanks Maria! Been busy with work, family, and stocks. I don’t know who’s the knucklehead gave you thumbs down because you said glad you’re enjoying your weekend. I guess they can’t read english well lol. Have a good weekend my dear.

  6. Fadi Abboud Avatar
    Fadi Abboud

    Simple- Yes, its freedom of speech- they can also burn bibles if they choose on Christmas-

    I am against anyone who reacts to burning of any religious books with violence and terror.

    Burning a holy book is nowhere near burning or physically harming people.

    Freedom of speech should never be silenced with threats or violent reactions.

    There’s people in the USA I.E. KKK who hate, Jews, blacks, gays and they have a right to spew their hate speeches, as much as one may not agree with them.

    When freedom of speech begins to be silenced, it also hurts those on the opposing end in the long run.

  7. Has anyone noticed the vast amount of american dissaproval of the burning of the koran???

    About the building of the mosque in NYC, I aggree completely with Maria. The message of peace and respect for others would certainly be a plus. Ask yourselves what would be the lebanese peoples reaction and yours also if the few lebanese jews were to build a synagogue let’s say in.. Qana.

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