Aoun defends Hezbollah, criticizes calls for arms free Beirut


Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun said on Tuesday after the movement’s weekly meeting: “Only those charged with defending Lebanon should be armed and Hezbollah would be the greatest loser if it used its weapons on the internal scene”.

Aoun was talking as if he is not living in Beirut, since his remarks come after a bloody street battle that shook the Borj Abi Haidar neighborhood in the Lebanese capital on August 24, pitting supporters of the Iranian backed Hezbollah against the pro-Syrian Al-Ahbash militants —also known as the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects. 3 people were killed in the clash including a Hezbollah senior official.

According to local reports the c.lash  was caused by a fight over a parking space.

Many leaders called for arms free and militia free Beirut and wondered why Hezbollah militants ( the so called Resistance ) are in Beirut fighting over a parking space with their former allies the Al-Ahbash and asked : Is this a resistance or an armed gang?

But Aoun criticized the calls for Beirut to be an arms-free city, asking why shouldn’t the whole of Lebanon be arms-free.

“Why should Beirut’s motto be arms-free? Don’t Tripoli, Mount Lebanon and other regions have the right to be arms-free? ” He said

“Just because we are a sectarian country doesn’t mean that the army cannot perform its duties and if we lose national unity, then the army cannot exercise its responsibilities,” he added.

Regarding the role of the army in maintaining the peace, Aoun said: “There are areas that are more receptive of the idea of official security due to the nature of the people and a number of other reasons. The army cannot be deployed in areas of conflict unless there is a minimum degree of approval on it.” He is referring to the Hezbollah strongholds

Resolution 1559

Addressing Resolution 1559, (which he helped write in 2004 while in exile) he said : “The resolution has nothing to do with restoring Lebanon’s sovereignty. We were surprised with this plan, but welcomed the withdrawal of the Syrian army.”

In addition to calling for the withdrawal of Syrian troops the 1559 resolution also called for disarming all the militia including Hezbollah and the Palestinian militants. These were national demands that Aoun called for while in exile , but Aoun has changed his mind after allying himself with Hezbollah in 2006.

The resolution has come under attack by Syria and Hezbollah during the past several months.


Aoun condemned media leaks on the investigation of retired Brigadier General Fayez Karam—who is a senior Free Patriotic Movement official—saying that the relevant officials are irresponsibly dealing with the issue of the leaks.

Karam was arrested on August 5 on charges of spying for Israel.



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  1. Wow…. I can’t beleive this but I am speechless.

  2. Wow…. I can’t beleive this but I am speechless.

  3. 2 points:

    1) I agree that ALL of Lebanon should be arms free except for the army just like every other normal country.

    2)Everyone arms free except HA I dont agree with. This guy has no idea what he is talking about and defends people on the street who shoot at each other over a car park instead of acting as part of a responsible government and condemn it! I wish that we could just condemn him instead, Lebanon would be a better place…

  4. I think Aoun needs a psyhcaiatrist…this guy is troubled.

    He is becoming like Jumblat following the Principle of not having a Principle

    I don’t understand how people in Tyyar are still following his lead if he is soooo blind…aren’t they worried that he will lead them to dead end

    1. Aoun lack of logic with who he is….

  5. It is bond turn now, what a jock those Lebanese politiocion are.

  6. what other commentary do you expect from aoun? out of every 20, he gets one right

    1. tony- on a different note, what is with the demo tape, i am not following you.

      1. karim i might have the wrong person bro then. i will ask walid cos he knows. sorry bro.

      2. no worries brother, but you got me curious to know about the demo tape

    2. I have not seen or heard of one yet. Wrong statistics!!

    3. I am still waiting for the one he got right ha..ha

      Now I agree that we need a change in our political system but I will def keep the “general” just BC he says the funnies things out there.

  7. didnt 2 FPM officials already call for an arms free beirut??

    what is this guy going on about he defends HA blindly with no solid logic..HA is the only reason behind lebanons backwardness and i can only hope the lebanese people see this and send them to oblivion where they belong.

  8. WEASEL and EVIL!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tayyar, is like a blind and deaf leading a blind and deaf, these guys closed their eyes and ears to everything around them,they did not see or hear of what happened…. CAN anyone imagine if this dude was elected as president of Lebanon…. we’ll all be HA or immigrants… GOD save our country of people like this one… with that said I don’t think the rest of our politicians are much better, but sometimes someone snaps back for a moment and do the right thing….

  10. It s common that some politicians find themselves in the midst of an interplay of alliances and rivalries!With their egoistic political interests ,they become victims of their shortsighted policies which are the cause of so many conflicts and unresolved problems!

  11. george skhn Avatar
    george skhn

    i agree with u BILL,and i hope in the near future will have younger and better politicians, wich they are more educated and more patriotic

  12. the lebaneese army will defend all lebaneese regardless of religion or faith or county wether it is the south or the east or the west or the north if any lebaneese groups or militias or individual wants to defend lebanon they can all join the army which is the only legal intituation that can bear arms in lebanon that is the only legal way and the that is the way all civilized nations in the world operates


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