Suleiman tours the Shouf region


President Michel Suleiman who is currently residing at the Beiteddine palace in the Shouf region of Mount Lebanon toured the Shouf region today and specially the Cedar Mountain areas of Barouk and Maaser el-Shouf and met the local residents.

He was accompanied by PSP leader MP Walid Jumblatt.

The two leaders visited Maaser el-Shouf and Shouf Cedar nature reserves.

Prior to his tour he discussed arming the military with Defense Minister Elias Murr and Police Chief Maj. Gen. Ashraf Rifi during 2 separate meetings.

Al Barouk cedar forest is a nature reserve known mainly for its cedar trees and other plants that enrich the area forming a magnificent ecological paradise.

Barouk National Reserve

Al Barouk cedar forest is a nature reserve known mainly for its cedar trees. It is one of three protected areas in Lebanon to benefit from the United Nations’ Protected Areas Project.

Barouk National reserve is the biggest natural reserve in Lebanon & the middle east. It is decorated by around 2 million majestic cedars trees.

Barouk river which is the source of fresh water for Mt Lebanon and the capital originates in the town of Barouk . Barouk is also the birthplace of Rachid Nakhleh, the famous poet that wrote the Lebanese national Anthem (kulluna lel watan).

Top Photo: President Michel Suleiman met during during his visit to the Cedar mountain in Barouk with the Druze Sheikhs of the area. the Shouf is considered a Druze stronghold.