Chamoun calls on Nasrallah to return to reason


National Liberal Party leader MP Dori Chamoun addressed on Thursday an open letter to Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah urging him to “return to reason, learn from others’ errors, and avoid dragging the country into destructive wars.”

He said that the clashes were reminiscent of the Lebanese civil war when parties were armed and turned against each other to bolster their power on the streets or “were taken advantage of by their leaders for limited political aims as you unfortunately did in May 2008.”

Chamoun criticized Hezbollah for causing the July 2006 war and blaming others for problems that the party itself had created.

Had it not been for the war, several developmental projects in the electrical and water sectors could have been accomplished “before even reaching discussion on nuclear energy,” he continued.

The MP asked Nasrallah: “Is it acceptable that the loyalty of a large number of the Shiite population and its leaders be to countries, policies, and goals that have nothing to do with Lebanon? Is it acceptable that Iranian flags and posters of its leaders be posted in Dahiyeh and other areas?”

“Is it acceptable that Iran’s interest be a priority for Hezbollah above those of its fellow citizens in Lebanon?” Chamoun asked.

Nasralah called on the government to seek arms from Iran during his last Iftar speech. His speech was described as the Iranization of Lebanon.