Syria confiscates drugs smuggled from Lebanon


Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on Monday that the Syrian authorities confiscated around 2 million illegal drug pills, which were smuggled into the country across the Lebanese borders.

The drugs were set to be smuggled to other Arab countries. SANA reported

SANA reported that the five people responsible for the operation were arrested; the two responsible for financing the operation, the one responsible for handling the drugs, the one who designed a compartment in the truck to conceal the shipment, and the truck driver .

The drug shipment reportedly consisted of 6,000 small bags, each containing 200 pills of an illegal substance known as “al-Jazeera”.

The pills were reportedly smuggled from Lebanon into Syria and were intercepted by the Syrian authorities when they were being transported from Lattakia to Damascus. An accomplice in Jordan had reportedly arranged for the shipment to be smuggled to Saudi Arabia.

It should be noted that Syria is classified by international anti-narcotics establishments as a “transit” country for drugs.

The value of the confiscated drugs is reportedly about $2 million



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  1. Walid Khouri Avatar
    Walid Khouri

    I think things are not that rosy after all between Syria and HA.

    1. Of course! Because Hezbollah is the sole drug seller in Lebanon! It could not be those Christians, or Sunnis, or Druze, it HAS to be those Shi’ites! Everyone else is a God-fearing, stand-up citizen!

  2. Nadine Foad Avatar
    Nadine Foad

    Good for the cops

  3. well i guess we’ll never hear what happened to these guys. allah yir7amoon.

  4. they didn;t pay the tax for the syrian or HA have a larger quantity he let this one get cought so the other will pass safley

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