MP Karami crticizes Bassil


Tripoli MP Ahmad Karami said that Energy Minister Gebran Bassil’s Thursday statement concerning the electricity sector will be a shameful stage in his career if he does not apologize, according to a statement issued by Karami’s press office on Saturday.

Bassil had said that some protests against electricity shortages were politically motivated, adding that “these protests are limited to areas of a certain sectarian composition.”

In recent weeks, residents in South, North Lebanon and Beirut have blocked roads to protest power cuts.

Karami also said that Bassil’s statements are similar to those made during the civil war which all Lebanese agreed to discard.

Protesters over power cuts blocked today the Ouzai road and the security forces are working on reopening it.

Earlie this morning protesters over power outages closed the airport road with burning tires and the security forces reopened it .



7 responses to “MP Karami crticizes Bassil”

  1. well duuuuuuuuuuuh basil you moron, its beyond politics man.

    give the lebanese people their basic rights as humans to live like civilised people.

    you have luis vuitton store and still no electricity. tfeh 3alayk we7ad wati.

  2. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    Let’s see how Basil is going to get himself out of this mess. Him and Father in-law always been critical of everything. Now the tide is turning we can see his true colors. Its so sad 30 yrs ago we had electricity more than now and even worked better than now. This is should bring down the Career of Basil once and for all. Aoun is disintegrated between the lies and the spies..

  3. Bassil took over the Energy Ministry less than a year ago, and he has inherited a problem that hariri et al have had 20 years to fix but did not.

    Instead they sunk the country into debt while filling their pockets.

    He cannot fix a 20 year problem caused by 15 years of war before that in a year; but it will kick all you supporters of corruption and hate when he starts to fix things like he did with Telecommunications and the FPM continues to fix.

    What have hariri and his cronies done the last 20 years other than corruption corruption corruption? Ah yes they also take hoidays around the world via their true ancestors, the saudis.

  4. what the hell.

  5. CHRISTIAN Avatar

    maybe these same people that are burning tyres and poluting the environment should pay for there electricity bills in full first

  6. christian are you gonna include the politicians? maybe these people dont pay their electrical bills cos they figure why should they if the MPs dont pay theirs.

    lets be fair here. as much as i hate them not paying their bills i also like the fact that their actions will eventually force everybody to pay cos they’re exposing the problem.

  7. yes you right lIBNEN god help bassil he only been few years now and he is fixing everyone mistakes and in his way fixing his pockets to he is not even have a qualification to be anything at all never mind fixing those people can;t fix a thing they only disrupte not sure how we gonna get ride of them scam we should send them to syria that the best place for them

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