Reaction to Beiteddine dialogue talks


The reaction to Thursday’s national dialogue talks at the Beiteddine Palace revolved around 3 issues

-The proposal of Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea  which called for placing Hezbollah units under the command of the Lebanese army .

– The absence of FPM leader General Michel Aoun

– Usefulness of Dialogue talks

Aoun’s absence

FPM MP Ibrahim Kanaan denied in an interview with the Free Lebanon radio station Al-Liwaa’s Friday report that , MP Michel Aoun, did not attend Thursday’s national dialogue session because he was frustrated and embarrassed after his party’s senior officials – retired Brigadier General Fayez Karam – was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of collaborating with Israel.

Aoun was not frustrated, he said.

Karam has reportedly provided information to Israel on Hezbollah.

Aoun is one of Hezbollah’s closest allies

According to local reports Aoun called the president to say his was sick.

Geagea’s proposal

Kanaan commented on Geagea’s “Transitional Plan”, saying that all national dialogue committee members have the right to voice their opinion.

According to a statement issued by the Lebanese Forces’ media office, LF leader Samir Geagea proposed during Thursday’s national dialogue session reinforcing the Lebanese Armed Forces’ (LAF) deployment in the South by placing Hezbollah units under the command of the Lebanese army .

Geage stressed during the dialogue talks that his proposal “ is a ‘transitional plan’ giving Lebanon the best possible opportunity to defend its borders at the present time”

“The national dialogue [sessions] will not yield any result,” Kanaan said, adding that “the situation in Lebanon today is aimed at defusing tension .”

Hezbollah MP Kamel Rifai told ANB television on Friday that Geagea wants to monitor the Resistance and uncover its quarters by proposing the “Transitional Plan.”

“Geagea is hiding something [behind his proposal],” Rifai said, adding, “All we want to focus on is the concept that Lebanon’s defense is based on its army, people and Resistance.”

On the other hand Lebanese Forces bloc MP Farid Habib said that Geagea’s “Transition Plan” was logical and should be taken into account by the members of the national dialogue committee.

Habib reiterated that the state should be the only power responsible for peace and war decisions.

Hezbollah MP Mohammad Raad described Geagea’s proposal as “not positive and not encouraging”.

“The aim of Geagea’s proposal is not to defend Lebanon, but rather to get rid of Hezbollah and its arms,” added Raad.

One of the best sessions

Minister of State Michel Pharaon, a key member of March 14 told LBCI television on Friday that Thursday’s meeting was one of the best national dialogue sessions, adding conversation during the sit-down was very calm.


MP Elie Marouni , a key member of the Phalange party said Friday that national dialogue sessions won’t achieve any result and they mislead the public.

“The national dialogue is just a means to bring Lebanese leaders together. It won’t achieve any result because the political differences that led to the talks are still there,” Marouni told Radio Orient.

“They are meeting to mislead the Lebanese and Arab public opinion that the leaders are able to communicate,” he said.

Marouni said the new dialogue session was set for October 19 due to developments linked to the international tribunal indictment and other regional issues.

Free patriotic Movement MP Ghassan Moukheiber also told the Voice of Lebanon (VOL) on Friday that the national dialogue sessions are a waste of time. “National dialogue sessions are not seriously taking Lebanon’s problems into account,” Moukheiber said, calling for the need to speed up talks between Lebanon’s party leaders to resolve pending issues



9 responses to “Reaction to Beiteddine dialogue talks”

  1. Berytus Avatar

    Bad dialogue is better than NO dialogue.

    When they start believing between themselves that the dialogue is bad, it will end up being bad. All these politicians that are labelling it as a ‘waste of time’ are obviously not trying hard enough to achieve concensus, and are obviously not worthy of being called leaders at all!

    1. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

      “we should never fear to negotiate but we should never negotiate out of fear”.

      this is precisely what is happening at the baabda/beiteddine negotiations table.

      the majority of the participants are negotiating out of fear with hezballah.

      in such a setting where hezballah’s military is weighing so heavily on every body’s subconscience, all sort of negotiations are bound to end up in triple failure reinforcing the statu quo and hezballah’s presence.

  2. tarek salloum Avatar
    tarek salloum

    1. the laf have prooven their moral readiness to defend lebanese borders. yet they are notnot armed or equiped for the jojob.

    2. hizbolla’s battle strategies hehave prooven efficacy at work.

    3. neither usa nor europe are wiwilling yet to arm the laf with sophisticated anti-air or anti-tank missiles.

    4. the decisions for dealing with patriotic or national issues or war should only be taken by the goverment and the parliament, and never by any party.

    summary : geagea’s proposal is ideal for the current lebanese political and war situations.

    n.b: in case the lebanese army doen’t exist anymore and the lebanese goverment cease to exist too, then and only then the current hizbola’s role can be understood and even supported.

  3. all these talks are good. its not like HA doesnt know that that will be the end result. they just have to agree on command, structure, weapon storage, weapon handling, training and other issues so they’re on the right track. just keep talking.

    so instead of having a national dialog (I respect these men for speaking out against it) have specific meetings for specific issues and hammer them out and hold the next meetings for the next issues and so on.

    so now, of course, they will have to ammend the slogan “the army, the people and the resistance” cos if HA is under the LAF then that slogan will not be needed.

  4. PROPHET Avatar

    Don’t rush Tony. It will happen one day, but not that soon my friend. A thumb up any

    1. i know that habeebi prophet. i’m sure you remember that i said it will take time and there will be bumpy roads ahead so to keep talking os better than yelling at each other aint it?

      1. PROPHET Avatar

        No doubt Tony. But being Lebanese , we love yelling anyway,lol

  5. Maybe the politicians like few months ago how they played soccer should form teams again and take advantage of our beautiful beaches and start a swimming race and lets see who is lean and mean?

  6. PROPHET Avatar

    That was hilarious. I heard two of those politicians had to have a hernia operation after that soccer game .lol

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