Iranian trees cause border tension


The Lebanese army and United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon  went on high alert on noon Tuesday over an Israeli request to cut down five trees planted on Monday by the Iranians  as  part of aid to  Lebanon, according to newspaper reports.

Israel said that it wanted to cut down the trees, that are in Lebanese territory, because they are touching the dividing line on the border.

The army soon cut down the trees that lie a few meters from the electronic fence. Naharnet



24 responses to “Iranian trees cause border tension”

  1. Walid Khouri Avatar
    Walid Khouri

    You’ve got to be kidding me…

  2. the israelis wanna bait the iranians now….

    dont they get tired of fighting?

    1. the iranians wanna bait the isrelis now….

      1. iran has no business to be planting or doing anything in libon, especially near a hostile border.

      2. Absolutely right, Maria!

    2. Tony Smith Avatar
      Tony Smith


      the border is between Lebanon and Israel.The question is ..what are the stupid Iranians doing there?

      Who asked them to come and plant trees on our borders?

      Why are they not arrested like Iran arrested the 3 Americans that wondered on Iranian land??

      Tell me the army is not infested with these germs..

      1. hey tony smith,

        the reason for my post is that i’m assuming these trees were planted a while back. so being that israel is presently waiting like a starving snake to bomb irans nuclear plant, they are baiting the iranians or their proxy HA to shoot a gun. missile or anything that will warrant an attack from israel to finish off the nuclear plant.

        if you guys cant see that well, thees nothing i can do about it.

        i’m not talking about love for or hate towards iran. i’m commenting on whats going on the ground right now.

        at some opint, iran planted trees to help out.

        israel found out about them and is trying to make it personal that look what we’re doing to your trees iran like a bunch of children that israel is.

        they’re expecting iran to act likewise as kids and explode and fire a rocket via HA so that israel can bomb the hell out of the nuclear factory.

        its really not that complicated but you guys love to use your emotions when evaluating political situations.

        as i keep saying, nothing’s personal in politics but many lebanese get personal.

        thats a no no in politics and the proof is in hariri’s demeanour. he’s absolutely a solid individual the way he’s treating his position. absolute kudos to that guy. very gentlemanly and a true stand up guy.

      2. i apologise i didnt see that the trees were planted on monday. okay, that being said, i still dont see how israel wants to poke its nose in lebanese affairs.

        obviously the panting was done quietly and with no bravado.

        absolutely childish on the israeli side.

    3. You’ve got it backwards. It is the Iranians who are doing the baiting!!

  3. Seriously, these guys have the brain of my 2 year old. As if 5 trees are blocking their strategic defense capability…

    Also, Iran! stop stirring up trouble… You can plant these trees 10 feet away from the fence or somewhere else altogether for that matter…

    Don’t go asking for trouble. We know your intentions.

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      As far as I am concerned they should plant those trees up Ahmadinejad Persian @55


      1. lol walid you actually got -5 from nejad lovers. i will give you a thumbs up and see if others will follow suit.

        i neither agree or disagree with your post lol

  4. Were they lemon trees?

  5. Lebanese Avatar

    WTF has Iran or Ahmadinejad to do with the trees?

    The battle was between the Lebanese army and IDF.

    It’s not Iran who is causing trouble in Lebanon – it’s all you ignorant people blaming Lebanon’s problems on Iran and Syria.

    1. alawish Avatar

      100% agree

  6. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    They should plant them in Syria, we need them!

  7. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Guys and girls

    these are spy trees for Iran and ha or suicide tree bomber in case of invasion….lol

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      It was Ahmadinejad trees that they are growing. They were gona grow little monkey Ahmadinejad creatures to take over. Haha, doesnt he look like a persian version of a Leprauchaun.

    2. moustapha Avatar

      LOL!! like tha joke about the sheep they stole.. they had rockets on their back LOL!!

  8. Berytus Avatar

    If there were to be a contest on who are the most retarded enemies in the history of mankind, it would be Israel and Iran.

    They really play like children.

  9. the tree are part of aid for lebanon the report say its like lebanon a desert and need some iranians tree are they wearing tchador or are they special tree all in black what the iranian doing in the south with the israels boards and anything happen they will blame israel get those ass out of lebanon and make peace with israel and stop the non sense we do not want to fight iranian war in lebanon while they site on there ass in tahran have laught at us

  10. Leborigine Avatar

    Please tell me this is a joke!! Are these the trees that piss on dogs?

  11. so… everyone is missing the point? Trees = green space = progress = dignified life. Israel loathes all that, it seems. They want us to be a cliche desert. Their forbid planting trees in the palestinian territories without “permit” as well. Desertification is apparently their strategy against us. I don’t gibe a rat’s … who planted them, we deserve trees and green space, our culture is nothing with green space, and we had the right to keep them. If people have any eco-intelligence in Lebanon they would make up for the slaughter of trees by planting many more, somewhere where these neo-pligrims that live south os uf can’t order the “natives” to cut down the trees!

    1. Believe me, Iran has no interest in being ‘green.’ This was a provocation by Iran because of the border incident that occurred a few weeks ago.

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