Wahab wants the PM and March 14 ministerss to quit


Former minister Wiam Wahab announced his wish list  during an interview with New TV  which is as follows:

– March 14 ministers on Sunday to withdraw funding for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

-March 14 ministers  should pull out of the government.

–  Lebanese Prime Minisiter Saad Hariri “should quit for one year and return after that.

– “Syrian tanks” would return to Lebanon in case of internal strife.

Wahab , as ataunch ally of Hezbollah and Syria criticized the prime minister for spending his vacation abroad amid counter-accusations among Lebanese politicians over the international tribunal.

He reiterated that the court is biased saying “there is no such thing as international tribunal. There is a politicized investigation that they are moving in the direction they want.”

Wahab said if the Syrian tanks return to Lebanon , then  this would put the country back under regional and international hegemony.