Wahab wants the PM and March 14 ministerss to quit


Former minister Wiam Wahab announced his wish list  during an interview with New TV  which is as follows:

– March 14 ministers on Sunday to withdraw funding for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

-March 14 ministers  should pull out of the government.

–  Lebanese Prime Minisiter Saad Hariri “should quit for one year and return after that.

– “Syrian tanks” would return to Lebanon in case of internal strife.

Wahab , as ataunch ally of Hezbollah and Syria criticized the prime minister for spending his vacation abroad amid counter-accusations among Lebanese politicians over the international tribunal.

He reiterated that the court is biased saying “there is no such thing as international tribunal. There is a politicized investigation that they are moving in the direction they want.”

Wahab said if the Syrian tanks return to Lebanon , then  this would put the country back under regional and international hegemony.



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  1. Walid Khouri Avatar
    Walid Khouri

    Will someone in Lebanon shave the rest of this idiot’s head so we perform a lobotomy on whatever peanut brain he has?

    Boy is he ugly! on the outside as much as on the inside…

    1. thumbs up walid but i wouldnt give him too much attention. he just had to collect his paycheck thats all. no big deal. dont let the idiot scare you.

      syria will never come back in. NEVER and i can put my last dollar on that.

    2. Walid, if this guy is h/a’s best to be a mouth piece, it is a sign of what an organization h/a is.

      May be he is on the comedy channel trying out his gifted skills (NOT).

    3. I agree Walid here is a man that we should ask for wich country he pledge is allegiance Syria or Iran.

      He is in my opinion a true Syrian Citizen. We should take away is passport….

  2. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Wahad has been always the bad news. That’s clear warning from hezballah followed by Saudi king warning Nasralleh to face the Arab tribunal in case of any coup d’état against the Lebanese government. Here again Wahab in his true color ideclaring the future action by hezballah if the STL still in the game.

    I don’t believe hezballah will set the flames in Beirut dragging themselves into civil strife that would weaken Them which Israel possibly will take the opportunity to invade the south.

    Reading and Listening to the politicians and you still all believe ha can’t be merged with the army or vice versa?

    Our president is chasing for help, the entire country is facing the death penalty set by hezballah on the Iranian account.

    Again, at this crisis the Lebanese will be standing alone and my wish is that the US won’t hand us over to the Syrians where it would turn to fight and to disarm HA.

    It’s a damn joke and ugly game

    1. This is ridiculous, Guys! Can you believe it?… Who is this guy? “Former” minister… If he’s former, then he should know that people don’t want him on stage anymore, and Syria should go find another mounthpiece for herself. Isn’t Aoun and Franjeih enough? Get this guy off the stage… At least Aoun and Franjeih add some spice to the message… The guy is a total parrot!!! Politicians in lebanon are elected for life whether they win or lose elections… I thought we had a republic and not an Emirates state with self proclaimed kings…

  3. wahab, looks like he is in a telepathic trance, getting his writ from hassoon. Can’t you see he is trying to remember what he was told to say. Walid and Jean, you have diffused my rage by starting with your blogs, I am thankful and proud to be able to see eye to eye with you and many bloggers on this site. I bet you, one by one like aoun, nicolas, kanaan,jumblatt,arslan,berri…they will continue their barrage of nonsense comments. Aoun may be more forceful, just to re-ally himself with h/a since karam is not around and to assure his loyalty to h/a, as such he may want to ask that Suleiman resign too, so he would be elected president. TALK is CHEAP

    1. Jean Haddad Avatar
      Jean Haddad


      Aoun has a role to play in case of any coup d’etat by HA, so doesnt need to ask the president to resign but he becomes the military president of lebanon….Dream on Aoun

  4. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al Fanarie

    Mr. Wahab you’re under arrest for being too loud mouth. Anything you say will be heard in the international Court of Law. You shall be punished with the company of 100 women with PMS problems. Oops i guess that won’t work because you constantly having PMS issue. Let’s see how about ten thousands lashes until you bleed to death. I would rather have this guy to trial than Nassrallah now..

    1. Tarie, allow me to correct you with wahabs punishment….You shall be punished with the company of 100 women with Gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV.

      The fact that he mentions “syrian tanks” only proves that this hidden intention for libon will always exist.

      BTW, when he threatens with the invasion of a foreign country that he collaborates with, doesnt that make him a traitor to his own country? I wonder why he has not been arrested and tried for aiding a foreign country with its hidden intentions of re-invasion? You have to wonder at this stage, what is the difference between an isreali or syrian invasion? just because one speaks the language doesnt make it any better.

      Wahab should be exiled from libon and stripped of his $hitizenship. I truly believe that any syrian followers should be arrested and exiled or executed because they are aiding an enemy. SSNP should be made an illegal party and outlawed with its members executed.

      Now all the SSNP pieces of trash scum will start commenting on my post. 🙂 bring it on ya zbel’ee

      1. Jean Haddad Avatar
        Jean Haddad

        Maria, I like your final sentence in your post, full of cuteness

        Dont worry I will give you a plus, I feel you speak your heart and your attachment to Lebanon, I am full with you as we all do the same.

        tell me where did you get this word Libon, it sounds unique

      2. maria you know i got your back habeebti. dont worry about them. we stand together.

      3. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        I had no idea that such a party (ssnp) existed? This is my first time seeing it… How can I join? HAHA JK!

      4. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
        Tarie Al Fanarie

        Maria I agree with you and with this scum you have to go the extreme punishment. I hope he will not leniency when his day of judgment comes. I agree that when he says Syria will interfere, that means Syria will interfere. He means what he says and he was trained to say so. Syria might do it if Saudi Arabia is blessing it. If Hariri feels the Sunnis are being threatened, i mean who knows what will happen. But if Syria is to enter Lebanon now. I am 100% certain it will be a fight between them and hezbollah no doubt about it. Its like if Geagea was to say if civil strife would take place in Lebanon, then this might spill over to Israel and in return israel will attack Lebanon. How does Nassrallah and this stooges like Wahab and Aoun would feel about it. these people have nothing positive to say or do. They only invite troubles to Lebanon. Once they get paid, its like wooppie now i can cause more problems. I hope somebody lites Wahab on fire and he burns in hell allright.

      5. Jean….. I pronounce it libon because thats how the lebanese who are “heavy blooded” (t2el il dam or samakee) 🙂 pronounce it.

        I used to laugh when i heard them talk because they mix french, english with arabic and a touch of homosexuality to come up with this nouveau accent.

        i hope this clears it up and yes I know its not spelled that way either.

        cheers Jean!

      6. Thanks Tony! I just cant believe that there are people still threatening with syrian tanks. So much for brazzarly love 🙂

      7. Leb Syrian, shlon cava? I cant believe you never heard of this party, they hold a seat in the parliament too. Thats like saying there is a cuban national party that has members in the US gov.

        Hows things going? sa7bak 3emil aliya oo reji3, baraktiloo she? I still love that joke!

  5. The solution to the crisis is easy. Make Nasrallah pay for his and his criminal gangs’ crime… No fogiveness for murder… Besides, too many people and politicians died for a forgiveness to be issued. Just send them to jail to teach the likes of them… Then HA military wing joins army, and the HA political wing will participate in goverment.

    Every single Lebanese will support this model, which will bring unity and strength to confront any enemy of the state.

    Mr Nasrallah, if you truly want to win over Israel, expose the real criminals, let justice be served and you’ll see how strong Lebanon can be… Enough division already…

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      agreed Dandan!!

  6. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad


  7. let the syrian tank roll in back to lebanon because thie time there is no way out we will make sure you craves will be lebanon and for you wahab as the lebanese say law khrite ken ahssan ma hkit what comes of your ass is always better then whats comes of your mouth

  8. Why doesn t he quit attacking,warning,threatening and using inappropriate language!

  9. George Haddad N.J. Avatar
    George Haddad N.J.

    Fauzia he doesn’t quit attacking because this is what he gets paid to say. He’s there only when to send subliminal syrian messages. He is the messenger and mouthpiece of Syria in lebanon. He does as he told just like a good dog he is. He behalf like a Pit Bull when needed to in order to create fear and terror. He’s the messenger of gloom and doom. He’s the enemy of Lebanon. Someone is going to send a smart bomb with his name on it soon i hope. Because i am tired of hearing bables like an idiot he is.

  10. Do not take what Egg head Wahab is saying lightly. He has always been Syria’s spokeperson in Lebanon. This is not the first time he mentioned the arrival of Syrian tanks, he has been barking about it for a couiple of weeks now. Just hope that such a day will never come. Whenever you want to know what Syria has in store for Lebanon, listen to egg head Wahab.

  11. Did everyone hear what this monkey said on the Newtv, comments like ” Lebanes will be found inside car trunks” and many other comments and very dirty language with no recepect to anyone except for those who think like him. I can not beleive this monkey was a minister,the leagel chanel should pull him inside a 4 wall and start question him like the res, unbeleivable.

    1. Thumb down for what I did not make it up thats what he said.

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