Nazik Hariri: Truth will lead Lebanon to peace and security.


In a message on the occasion marking the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, Nazik Hariri, widow of the slain former PM Rafik Hariri asked for God’s help in speeding up the revelation of the truth behind the killers of husband and the other martyrs

She reminded everyone that the whole world ….the Lebanese , Arabs and the International community want justice and wants to know the truth .

Hariri stressed that the Lebanese people are wise and mature enough to deal with the truth which she said will lead Lebanon to the path of peace and security.



4 responses to “Nazik Hariri: Truth will lead Lebanon to peace and security.”

  1. Ask UNIFIL, STL, or Louis Vuitton’s new shop.

    1. I dont know why you got so many minuses…..Your comment was accurate and to the point!

      Hariris, the truth will lead to war, and we all know you will hop on your private jets and leave the dumb libonais to kill each other so do us a favour, exile yourself and spare us the grief.

      There are many Louis V shops worldwide, seek asylum in one of them!

  2. i beg to differ. i could care less about ALL the killings that have happened to politicians. i only care about the poor people that have suffered.

    i’m not losing any sleep in regards to the STL cos nothing will happen. NOTHING.

    and all of you idiot commoners who think it will make a difference dream on.

    how about 24/24 electricity while we wait for the verdict or maybe train your police to direct traffic better or maybe teach your people that red light at a traffic light means STOP.

    what a waste of time in lebanon’s path right now. i still say allah yir7am hariri but come on now, this is becoming a little too ridiculous with the crying and harping.

    my mother passed away in 1999 due to doctor’s negligence in california. we mourned, we got angry and we moved on.

    1. Rafik Hariri was more than just a politician.

      If you want 24/24 electricity then tell everyone to start paying bills like everyone else in the world.

      Please don’t step a foot in downtown Beirut, you obviously have no idea what Rafik has done to Lebanon.

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