Al-Manar: Arrested FPM official admits spying for Israel


Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television reported on Wednesday that Brigadier General Fayez Karam, who is a senior Free Patriotic Movement official, confessed that he has been spying for Israel since 2005 and that he has met several Israeli officials during his trips to the European Union.

Karam was arrested earlier on Wednesday on suspicion of collaborating with Israel according to local reports

Al-Manar also said that the Internal Security Forces (ISF) are still investigating with the detainee to better understand the extent of the damages incurred by Karam.

Police arrested several suspects over the past month in an expanding probe into an alleged network of Israeli spies employed in the country’s telecom sector.

Karam and General Michel Aoun went into exile in France following the defeat by the Syrian army in 1990 and both returned to lebanon following the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon in 2005 .

Karam ran for parliamentary elections in 2005 and 2009 but lost

Hezbollah which is closely associated with Aoun has been calling for the execution of all spies

FPM patriotism

March 14 MP Okab Sakr issued a statement on Wednesday stating that the Lebanese should not question the patriotism of the Free Patriotic Movement, even if one of its officials might have collaborated with Israel.

“Any attempt to accuse the FPM of treason is unacceptable and shameful,” Sakr said.

“We respect the FPM despite our disagreements with it. Israeli collaborators have no political or religious affiliations in Lebanon,” the MP added.



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  1. I think Aoun is on it too. he campainged against HA and called them every name in the book and did the same thing with Syrians and now he is an insider ….

    who can guarantee that he’s not on it too….

    I do not trust any of those politicians…

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      they will sell their family and country for money.

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