Lebanese Forces to sue MP Assem Kanso


The media office of The Lebanese Forces announced on Tuesday that the party is in the process of filing a lawsuit against MP Assem Kanso over the “lies and silly accusations he has issued.”

The statement said that his lies are part of the ongoing defamation campaigns against the LF, adding: “Whoever wants to bring up the issues of the Lebanese civil war should do so if he is fortified morally, which is unfortunately not the case of MP Kanso and his external masters who were the main contributors in fueling the flames of that war.”

The statement continued: “MP Kanso, who has placed himself as a defender of Palestinian rights, seems to have forgotten that his external masters were the first to oppress them … as they pit Palestinian factions against each in internal Palestinian wars that resulted in thousands of casualties.” The statement was referring to Syria.

Kanso, the head of the Syrian Baath party in Lebanon , is a staunch ally of Syria and its Lebanese allies.



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