March 14 candidate is the new leader of Tripoli’s Doctors syndicate


Fawaz al-Baba, who is backed by the March 14 Future Movement was elected on Sunday as the new head of Tripoli’s Doctors Syndicate , defeating Omar Abdul Latif Ayyash, who is backed by former PM Najib Miqati and the March 8 alliance .

The election took place at the headquarters of Tripoli’s Doctors Syndicate to choose a successor to Nassim Khiryati whose mandate has expired.

777 doctors participated in the polls which were attended by Hilmi Darwish, the representative of Health Minister Mohammed Jawad Khalife.

Al-Baba secured 383 votes while his rival Ayyash received 355

Following the election , al-Baba delivered a speech, thanking all the doctors who participated in the election.

“The battle witnessed by the syndicate today was a democratic one, and we promise everyone that we will implement our electoral platform together, with the help and collaboration of everyone. The syndicate is our home that together we will protect and work on enhancing its role,” al-Baba said.

He also lauded the efforts of former chairman Khiryati, promising to pursue his predecessor’s “achievements”.



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