7 wounded in UNIFIL ammunition depot blast in south Lebanon- update


New TV reported that an explosion took pace today at a UNIFIL

ammunition depot in Al Tayri village in south Lebanon resulting in the wounding of 7 people.

Update: The number of wounded is now 11.

All the eleven are French soldiers serving with the U.N. peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon . One of them was seriously injured

the blast occurred when a rocket accidentally exploded inside their camp, a spokesman said.

“The incident happened when soldiers handling an anti-tank rocket accidentally set off the firing mechanism,” Lieutenant Sylvain Bedouet, spokesman for the French battalion, told AFP

He said one soldier suffered serious wounds to his face and was immediately flown by helicopter to a hospital in the nearby coastal city of Sidon.

“His life is not in danger and he was conscious after the accident,” Bedouet said.

He said four other soldiers suffered minor shrapnel wounds and seven damage to their hearing.