Geagea: Some cabinet members instigated the strike


geagea 040808- 2Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea criticized Thursday’s strike called by the unions and syndicates for land transportation, saying that they were instigated by political sides that are represented in government and also aim at targeting it.

“The strike we witnessed today and the blocking of roads and burning of tires that accompanied it was farthest from the spirit of labor and syndicates,” he told the Central News Agency.

He added that the labor unions were mobilized out of political pressure, and were not driven out of a need to achieve their labor demands.

He labeled the unions as “imaginary” as the people “who actually did abide by the strike were only a few hundred.”

In addition, Geagea said that most of the unions that participated in today’s strike have ties with some of the political sides taking part in the country’s national dialogue.

He continued that most of these unions are remnants of the “previous stage” in Lebanon, referring to Syria’s previous hegemony over the country.

Furthermore, he stated: “I would like to salute other unions that did not take part in the strike and the demonstrations, but that cooperate seriously with officials, through democratic and civilized means, to achieve what is possible of their demands.” Naharnet

Geagea stressed that the March 14 forces and Prime Minister Saad Hariri are interested in the labor unions’ needs, saying that their demands should be made in the “proper place and through the proper mechanism.”



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