MPs to play a football match on civil war anniversary


Lebanon’s Minister of State Jean Ogassapian briefed the media following the cabinet meeting at Baabda palace

Soccer game :

President Michel Suleiman stressed the importance of the ( soccer) football team composed of MPs and ministers to play a game on April 13, the date that marks the anniversary of the outbreak of the civil war in 1975].


Suleiman condemned recurrent Israeli breaches of Lebanon’s sovereignty and territories, as well as Tel Aviv’s policies in Palestine.

Hariri said that there should be measures taken on the international level against Israel.

Municipal election

Suleiman said that the municipal elections will be held on time starting May 2 in Mount Lebanon. Suleiman said that it would have been better if the municipal electoral law included all of the reforms that were approved by the cabinet. He called on the ministers that are tasked with the municipal elections to make all the necessary preparations.

Security breaches:

Suleiman touched on the issue of recent security breaches and said that it is something that happens throughout the world. Suleiman added that the most important thing is for the Internal Security Forces (ISF) to fulfill its duties regarding the issue.

On the issue of the ,Bekaa clashes [last Thursday between members of the Popular Front for Liberating Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC)] he said this compels us to discuss the issue of Palestinian armed factions outside refugee camps and called on the need to implement the decisions of past national dialogue sessions on this matter.

some ministers were assigned to draft a proposal to the cabinet on how to deal with this issue.

Hariri trips

Prime Minister Saad Hariri briefed the ministers about his visit to Spain.

Hariri also announced that he will visit Damascus in the next few weeks.

“When Hariri visits Syria, new agreements are to be signed by both countries and amendments on current agreements are to be adopted. I believe this is the safest way to deal with amendments. It could not possibly be done without the consensus of both countries.” Ogassapian said

Technical economic team

Hariri said that on April 14 a technical economic team composed of general directors concerned with negotiating signed agreements between Beirut and Damascus is to head to Syria on his behalf to sign new agreements.

Administrative appointments

The ministers discussed the mechanism of the administrative appointments, which was agreed upon to be as an executive mechanism, and not a law or decree for the appointments.

The cabinet stressed that key appointments in the administration should be based on competence and qualification.

The cabinet approved the mechanism for appointing the first rank of employees in public administration. Full-time employees of the second rank who are qualified for promotion have a priority to be promoted to first rank. If the number of full-timers is not enough, outsiders will be considered.

The cabinet also approved the promotion mechanism for employees from the third rank to the second rank, as well as on the mechanism for appointing people who are not working within public institutions.

The cabinet also discussed the situation of employees of the first rank as well as the situation of those dismissed in 1999. The cabinet asked the Civil Service Council, in collaboration with the Court of Account, to study the situation of the dismissed employees and submit a report to the cabinet to take the appropriate decision.



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