Neither Hezbollah nor STL comment on Wahab’s statement


Former minister Wiam Wahab has created a new commotion in the country after saying that the committee investigating former PM Rafik Hariri’s murder has summoned Hezbollah members for questioning.

However, Wahab’s statement was neither confirmed by Special Tribunal for Lebanon prosecutor’s office nor by Hezbollah.

“A problem could take place in the country because the investigating panel will create strife,” Wahab told New TV on Saturday.

The former minister also advised PM Saad Hariri to “avoid the trap of the international tribunal.”

Spokeswoman of the tribunal prosecutor’s office, Radhia Achouri, refused to deny or confirm Wahab’s information. “Work at the prosecutor’s office is ongoing as you know and meetings and interviews take place with people,” she told An Nahar daily in remarks published Sunday.

“However, we don’t give information or details about the course of our work,” Achouri said.

Regarding the reports that 11 international investigators have been in Lebanon for investigations on Hariri’s assassination and for the questioning of several witnesses, the spokeswoman said: “No comment on this issue and no details on it.”

“This is the policy we adopt on not giving information about the investigation,” she told An Nahar.

On Wednesday, Achouri told Naharnet that having investigators in Beirut is not something new. “I just want to reiterate that we always have investigators in Beirut, be it those based in there or those who go on mission,” she said.

Hezbollah on Sunday was also hush-hush on the issue. “We don’t comment on everything related to the international tribunal,” MP Nawaf Moussawi told New TV on Saturday when asked about the court’s summoning of Hezbollah members.

“No one can cross out the resistance,” he stressed.