Jumblatt left dilaogue session due to hunger and sleep


jumblatt sleepy -dilaogue talks

MP Walid Jumblatt , leader of the Democratic gathering bloc said that he left Tuesday’s dialogue session at Baabda palace earlier because he got “sleepy and hungry.”

Jumblatt told al-Akhbar newspaper that he did not make any statement during the dialogue talks , however, he stressed to the newspaper on the importance of continuing the dialogue “because there are differences in points of view.”

On the resistance, the Druze leader stressed that Hezbollah’s arms should be gradually integrated into the state “taking into consideration the appropriate circumstances.”

During an interview with An Nahar Jumblatt he said that dialogue remains one of the country’s “necessities.” Although he agreed there were differences in opinion between the rival parties. Jumblatt said “all of us should sit at the dialogue table and continue with this approach in the service of Lebanon.”