Chamoun reelected as National Liberal Party chief


dory chamoun 0506National Liberal Party leader and MP Dori Chamoun was reelected Sunday for another 5 year term as the party chief.

Chamoun said said during the meeting that Hezbollah appeared to have changed its tone toward Israel.

He said the new tone was clear in the recent address made by Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah when he said he will respond to Israel if Hezbollah was attacked.

“This (statement), in itself, is a change in position given that Hezbollah has always called for the need to struggle until the liberation of Jerusalem,” Chamoun said .

Chamoun who is a key member of March 14 alliance was asked about March 14 and he said : “Despite ( MP Walid) Jumblatt’s exit , March 14 is in a good shape. “