LF: Karami’s problem is with his March 8 allies, they used him


Yesterday former Prime Minister Omar Karami has reportedly stated that Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea is a murderer, and that if he were selected to participate in the national dialogue sessions, he would not do so in Geagea’s presence.

The Lebanese Forces’ media office responded today with a statement :

“If Karami was not so enthusiastic about taking part in the national dialogue that includes Geagea, why then, did he create all this fuss only to withdraw from the March 8 coalition?” stated the LF.

LF also asked whether or not Karami would have made his Tuesday statements if his name was included on the list of national dialogue committee members.

“Karami’s problem is neither with the Christians of the March 14 alliance nor with Geagea,” the statement said, adding, “[His problem] is with his allies in the March 8 coalition, which used him as a weak Sunni cover before dropping him.”