Aoun defends Hezbollah, criticizes March 14 leaders


Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun defended Hezbollah and its arms during an interview with Sawt al-Mada radio station on Sunday.

Aoun said the statements made at the Feb. 14 rally against Hezbollah weapons reflect immaturity .

“What guarantees can those calling for putting the Resistance’s arsenal under state control give if Israel attacks Lebanon?” he asked.

Aoun said that critics of Hezbollah’s arms are living in another world, adding that the naturalization of the Palestinians in Lebanon poses a greater threat than Hezbollah’s weapons.

Aoun on the other hand did not say what guarantees Hezbollah will give . In 2006 Hezbollah’s kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers triggered a war that resulted in the killing of over 1300 Lebanese and in the devastation of Lebanese infrastructure…Over 120,000 homes were destroyed . At the end of the war Hezbollah declared victory , occupied downtown Beirut and tried to overthrow the government . About two years later in May 2008 Hezbollah used its so called resistance arms to occupy the Sunni part of Beirut and to attack the Druze strongholds of Mt Lebanon.

Is this the type of guarantee that Aoun wants in protecting Lebanon ?



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