Another LBC TV talk-show host quits on the air


LBC  television talk-show host Shaza Omar announced   on the air Saturday that she was resigning .

Omar told her viewers that she was resigning because of the lack of objectivity, professionalism and ethics in television.

Omar announced her resignation  at the end of her talk show program Al Hadath during which she  interviewed     MP Okab Sakr, a  Zahle MP and a key member of March 14 alliance .

This is the second time in just over a year that a talk-show host resigns on the air  at  LBC TV .  May Chidiac, a prominent anti-Syrian TV anchor   who survived a 2005 assassination attempt that left her partially handicapped,  suddenly decided to quit at the end of  her talk show program   Bekul Gur’aa   on February 3, 2009.



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