ET409 crash: Lebanon finds the other black box (CVR)


Lebanon’s Public Works and Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi says the second black box of Ethiopian airliner flight ET409 that crashed last month was found and was delivered to the Beirut naval base in preparation for transfer to France . This is the cockpit voice recorder ( CVR) . The other box flight data recorder (FDR) has been recovered and was sent to France for further investigation .

Update: Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi announced Wednesday that the second black box, the cockpit voice recorder that was recovered today was missing the key part …its memory device

“We handed the box over to the investigation committee and were told it was missing a crucial piece,” he said. “Our divers are continuing attempts to find and recover that piece.”

The Lebanese Army command said: “The base of the second black box from the ill-fated Ethiopian jet has been recovered; however, it appeared that the part containing the memory device of the cockpit voice recorder was separated from the base.”