Nasrallah: Majzoub could have caused a catastrophe in Lebanon


On the occasion marking Imam Hussein’s death, Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah condemned in a televised speech Sheikh Majzoub’s staged kidnapping in Bekaa region and said such an incident could have caused a catastrophe in this country.

Majdel Aanjar’s Imam Sheikh Majzoub had reportedly staged his own kidnapping in order to collect ransom because he was having financial difficulties.

Nasrallah asked: “Why did this incident occur while the situation is calm in Lebanon and while Israel is threatening the country? Whose interest does this serve?”

He added :What is important is that the situation ended this way. He commended Future Movement for acting calmly throughout the ordeal and also thanked the Internal Security Forces for following up on the issue and discovering the truth

He cautioned against attempts by some to incite sectarian strife in the country.

He concluded :”If a Shiite , Druze, or Christian religious figure is kidnapped, we should try to avoid any internal conflict.