Aoun: Sectarian system was established in Lebanon for a reason


Change and Reform bloc leader MP Aoun said following the meeting of his bloc that they discussed the taxation system , the budget and the rental laws

He defended his opposition to lowering the voting age from 21 to 18 and denied that he linked this issue to the issue of granting citizenship to people of Lebanese decent who live abroad . He said the “Lebanese have been emigrating for over 200 years because of poverty and security issues and if we offer them citizenship, they will have a reason to remain more attached to their roots.”

Commenting on abolishing political sectarianism he said :

A sectarian system was established in Lebanon for a reason, and I supported Hezbollah’s weapons for a reason, adding “disarming Hezbollah cannot take place without a valid reason.”

He added: “A pluralistic state should promote the culture of pluralism”