Sison: Hezbollah is a threat to Lebanon & entire region


The United States Ambassador to Lebanon Michele Sison confirmed that her country’s policy toward Hezbollah has not changed, and that the party remains on the list of terrorist organizations, “and stressed that” Hezbollah “threatens not only Lebanon but the entire region, and pointed out that Washington does not distinguish between the military and the political wings of the party.

Sison, in an interview for the MTV announced that the US equipment supplied to Lebanon’s military is part of a training program set up by the United States, adding that bilateral defense talks to be launched in the coming days .

Regarding the Ethiopian Airlines flight ET409 crash Sison said that there is an American team in place that works in coordination with the Directorate of Civil Aviation of Lebanon, and stressed the need to wait for the investigation and not to engage in speculation about the cause of the crash.



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