Lebanon Health Minister uges patience


During a press conference Lebanon’s Health Minister Mohammed Jawad Khalife urged the relatives of the victims to be patient and to wait for DNA results at their homes.

He told reporters that DNA tests are underway in order to identify the victims.

He said hotline 71 – 207326 was established to answer the inquiries of passengers’ relatives.

He said : As time passes, the hope to find more survivors is fading . It is expected that more bodies are still confined to the plane’s seats because seat belts.

He also said 14 bodies were received by Beirut Hospital, among them Hassan Mohammed Tajeddine who was identified through his facial features.

He said the incident took place in very bad weather.

He said a delegation from the French embassy came to the hospital and it seems that the body of Marla Sanchez wife of the French Ambassador to Lebanon has not been recovered.