Geagea says Suleiman has shifted from his centrist position


In an interview with the Central News Agency (CNA) Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said that the president has shift from his consensus ( centrist) position and added ” if we observe his stances at all Arab and international forums, or even in Lebanon, we find them closer to the other camp.”

Geagea expressed hope that President Michel Suleiman “will return to his centrist ”

Geagea Called on the Lebanese to Rally in Martyrs Square on February 14, to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the assassination of Lebanon’s former PM Rafik Hariri.

Geagea stressed that the February 14 rally is very important because it should prove wrong those who claim that there is “no more Cedar Revolution nor cedars.”

regarding relations with Syria Geagea said:

“We were always demanding that Syria should engage with Lebanon on a state-to-state basis, but the recent developments are very negative , namely sending Abu Moussa ( head of Fatah al Intifada) from Syria to the Lebanese scene after a 25 years of absence, and the drill today by PFLP-GC in Qousaya .”



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