Clinton’s warning to Iran prompts Syria, Hezbollah to go on high alert


Tensions were heightened after the press conference of Secretary of State Hilary Clinton when, on Friday, the A-Sharq al-Awsat daily paper reported that Syria and Hezbollah had gone on high alert in anticipation of an Israeli attack on Lebanon. The London-based newspaper said that Hezbollah has been alarmed by recent IDF reinforcements to the Israel – Lebanon border, and quoted Hezbollah deputy general secretary Naeem Kassem as saying that the group’s armed wing had prepared plans to retaliate. Syria has begun to mobilize reserve troops, including nationals residing in Lebanon.

According to analysts , Clinton hinted in the press conference that the US has enough international support to act against the Iranian nuclear facilities just like it did in 1991 ( Gulf War) against Saddam Hussein following his occupation of Kuwait.

She said that Iran had a ‘clear choice’ between isolation and ‘living up to its international obligations’ and added ‘it is important to send [the] message to the Iranian leadership, that the world will act, and the world will act together.’

French FM Bernard Kouchner said Thursday during his meeting with Lebanese P Saad Hariri “: If there was a threat to Lebanon, it will only come from a military adventure carried out by Hezbollah in the best interest of Iran”



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