Aoun: I am the founder of abolishing political sectarianism


Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun described himself on Thursday during a ceremony to announce the new FPM committees as “the founder of abolishing political sectarianism,” but added “now is not the time for it in Lebanon.”

Aoun added: “Turkey abolished sectarianism and established a secular state, but it is not preserving it today because the (Turkish) people are not secular by nature.”

Aoun named the FFM committee members as follows:

The Constituencies Committee : Pierre Raffoul, Pascal Azzam, Antoine Farhat, Joseph Shahda, Raji Maalouf, Naim Aoun, Ramzi Kanj, Tony Mkheiber, Tanios Hobeika, Tony Bou Younis, Roland Khoury, Najm Khattar, George Attal, Maher Bassila, Bassam Nasrallah, and Walid al-Ashkar.

The Municipalities Committee : Jucelyn al-Ghoul, Mansour Fadel, Naji Hayek, Elie Bseibess, Tufiq Bou Nassr, Charbel Habib, George Haddad, Tony Nasrallah, Gaby Leon, Jean Nassr, Malek Abi Nader.

Wassim Hannoud was elected as Head of Communication Committee, Rommel Saber as Head of Finance Committee, and Adounis al-Akra as Coordinator of Education Committee.