Franjieh: No deal at the expense of Iran and Hezbollah


Following talks with Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun in Rabiyeh, Marada movement chief Suleiman Franjieh told reporters in answer to a question about Lebanese Syrian relations : “Mistaken are those who think there would be any deal at the expense of Iran and Hezbollah.”

Franjieh was referring to the visits of U.S. envoys to Lebanon and reports that an agreement with Damascus will harm Tehran and the Shiite party.

Franjieh denied any disagreement within the opposition on the issue of administrative appointments, saying there are only different points of view.

Franjieh commented on the municipal elections law that was presented by Interior Minister Ziad Baroud, saying some parts of it are difficult to implement.

He told reporters that it is difficult in some towns to find a person with a BA degree to become a mayor.



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