Fatah al-Intifada refuses to disarm in Lebanon


Fatah al-Intifada founder Abou Moussa rejected disarming Palestinian militants outside the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and stressed the issue of arms is up to the Palestinians and not the Lebanese .

“Palestinian arms outside refugee camps … are aimed at confronting the Zionist enemy in case there was a new aggression on Lebanon’s south,” Moussa said after a visit to Sidon Municipality head Abdel Rahman al-Bizri.

Abou Moussa said in response to a question: ” Even if Syria sends a signal to Prime Minister Saad Hariri to disarm the militants outside refugee camps, we will not disarm” . He added “we are allies of Syria but we make our own decisions.”

Abou Moussa reportedly led the PLO units that perpetrated the Damour Massacre on 20 January 1976 during the Lebanese Civil War

Originally part of Fatah , Fatah al-Intifada broke away from the organization in 1983. Fatah al-Intifada was formed with Syrian support.

Fatah al-Islam which fought the Lebanese army in 2007 for 106 days reslting in hundreds of deaths was formed by members of Fatah al-Intifada