Lebanon, Syria criticize new US airline security measures


Lebanon and Syria say new airline security measures introduced by the United States are discriminatory.

After the attempt to blow up a Christmas day flight near Detroit, the U.S. ordered the stricter screenings for people who are citizens of 14 countries that are considered security risks — and people flying from those countries. The list includes Syria and Lebanon.

The Transportation Security Administration said procedures would include full-body scanning and pat-downs.

Lebanon’s information minister says the U.S. has the right to protect its citizens, but he questions the way some people are singled out.

Syria on Tuesday summoned the highest-ranking American diplomat in Damascus and protested Washington’s “unfriendly procedures” on Syrians wishing to travel to the States

Syria’s Foreign Ministry says it has no choice but to introduce similar measures against U.S. citizens. The state-run news agency says no Syrian was ever involved in a terror attack against the U.S. AP